Types of Commercial Real Estate for Sale

Commercial real estate is property that is not seen as residential use but instead falls under industrial or business use. There are also some properties that are classified as such because they are located in the zone that says it is for business use. These properties are sought after mainly because of their location and the space that they can give to those who will set up structures and buildings on them.

Most of the places that are labeled as such already have buildings and structures on the lots and have been used for business and industrial purposes over the years. Others may have been reclassified because of the emerging trend of having businesses sprouting in the area. The following are the different classifications:


Offices are the standard structures and buildings that usually fall under the commercial real estate label. These buildings are usually constructed because of the demand that that has sprung up in the area. When a good business starts up in an area and it shows that it is doing well, others will follow. It will then become a well-known office or business district because of the uprising of more buildings and structures, which are aimed at leasing offices and business spaces.

Industrial Zone

Although the industrial zone is a far cry from offices, these also fall under commercial real estate. Usually, these properties are smaller in floor space than the skyscrapers that make up office buildings. This is because they are usually made into warehouses, storage rooms, factories and the like. Usually they are located outside of the city limits but still classified as business types of property. There are some exceptions to their locations and there may be some located in the cities themselves.

Retail and Restaurant

These properties are also part of the commercial real estate but they can actually not be zoned as such. This is because there are many lots and properties that are turned into retail and restaurant types of building which can rise up in residential or educational areas. It may take some time for the actual area to be known or labeled as business but they may actually be charged accordingly for their utilities. Retail buildings that house single businesses are seen as these kinds of structures. Groceries and malls that people flock to may be part of this classification.

These are most of the classifications of commercial real estate in most cities. Other buildings and structures that house business may be treated the same but it all depends on the zoning of the city or the country.